We are No.1 International Courier Service ptoviders from Hyderabad to various well known countries in the different parts of the world such as USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Italy, France, Singapore, UAE

Courier Service hyderabad India To Catania Italy

Fast movement of goods from hyderabad to Catania

We are a leading courier service provider with diverse dispatch services of universal standards with victors of courier industry. Our courier troops are far reaching allover Catania like Rome, Genoa, Bolonga, Catania and Venice. We extend express and economy packages for diverse facilities selling with cheap courier services from hyderabad to Catania for options:

  • Airways and seaways containers dispatch
  • Airport to airport cargo transacting by air frights
  • Extra baggage and luggage transportation
  • Door to door courier of mails, documents, vivid stationaries and cards, maps, booklets
  • Door to Door contract of personal and home effect, packets, gifts and presents

We offer the major courier services for door to door at cheap prices with time destined delivery. Options are also extended for virtuous services and for payments of hired services with tracking number for every shipment make happy experience.

We offer the vast resource at its disposal so can deal with any package, irrespective of size, efficiently and with the nominal fuss. We easily take for granted the ability to send the parcel overseas; it has increased demand for cheap delivery that has made the competition in this field keener than ever. However rather than boasting the wide choices available when looking for discount courier service from hyderabad to Catania, simply check out first as proven expert in the field with wide working relationships with the leading companies, we offer the excellent deals on your service that you won’t discover anywhere.

We deliver anything from hyderabad to Catania

We are the best in industry for Cargo Parcel delivery to Catania. We have their own network for courier in Catania. We will be simply collecting the parcel from your business and deliver it your destination address.

We are always ready to send your shipment in any part of Catania. With extreme satisfaction you can now rely on us to receive the flawless and best quality service.

Our special range of courier services include

  • International Courier – We are a leading international courier service provider from hyderabad to Catania offering hassle-free delivery with excellent customer support that make us unique.
  • International Cargo– Whether you need our cargo movers for transport of documents or heavy loaded containers internationally, we always serve your needs with utmost safety and security.
  • Sea – Export & Import– Take the benefit of our natural expertise in sea transport with focused and professional handling of your cargo.
  • Excess Baggage– Receive the economical transport service for your luggage. We fully arrange your items for their accurate arrival at your destination.
  • Household Items –Our household items delivery services are available for all clients who need world class quality and timely transport of their belongings.
  • Food Items Delivery– Customers staying in Catania do not need to feel deprived of tasting the Indian food and spices. We make every possible effort to deliver the food products precisely to your loved ones.
  • Commercial Shipment –We offer shipping through air to the all major areas of Catania. We take a help of agent if needed to help our customer for commercial shipment.
  • Medicine Delivery– Our widely trailed professionals deliver the medical products to the diverse medical facilities in Catania whether hospitals, labs, doctors and research units.
  • Document & Parcel delivery-We understand the value of time for the delivery of essential documents and parcels, therefore we offer the fast and flawless shipping for your documents and cargo.

So contact us NOW and take advantage of our discounted rates and excellent service

Door to Door Charges From Hyderabad – By DHL,Others,TNT,UPS & Self Delivery Network

Weight (Kg) DHL Others TNT UPS Self-Global
 0.5 1699 1899 2000 2099 1650
 1.0 1950 2300 2200 2350 1750
 1.5 2450 2500 2500 2500 1950
 2.0 2650 3000 3650 3210 2250
 2.5 2890 3100 3850 3300 2500
 3.0 3340 3100 4290 4290 2650
 3.5 3650 3100 4000 4350 2850
 4.0 3810 3250 4500 4800 3150
 4.5 4215 3500 4800 5500 3390
 5.0 4000 3650 5000 5680 3000
 5.5 4300 4000 5500 6000 3250
 6.0 4500 4200 6000 6250 3500
 6.5 4890 4300 6500 6500 3750
 7.0 5210 4500 6500 6800 3800
 7.5 5315 4610 6650 7210 3950
 8.0 5500 4700 7000 7500 4100
 8.5 5690 4800 7250 7650 4250
 9.0 5890 5000 8000 7690 4300
 9.5 6000 5110 8200 8300 4400
10 6000 5500 9000 8499 4500
Per Kg Flat DHL Others TNT UPS Self-Global
Above 10 Kg 610 590 610 615 350
Above 20 Kg 580 474 580 590 340
Above 30 Kg 495 450 550 560 300
Above 40 Kg 480 440 540 560 280
Above 50 Kg 425 400 530 544 280
Above 70 Kg 418 360 510 545 250
Above 100 Kg 325 340 500 540 230



Short Note :

  • Service tax as applicable as per govt. rule
  • Actual weight and volume weight whichever is higher will be applicable.
  • Volume weight calculator (Length x writhe x heights /5000) CMS.
  • We need complete packed this shipment at the time of pickup of packet.
  • Chargeable weight will be determined after package is picked up from location by our team.
  • If you have multiple boxes each items will be calculated with actual or dimensional weight whichever is higher.
  • SpeedX International Courier will not be responsible for any delays in shipment due to custom clearance, National Holidays, religious holidays, inclement weather conditions, etc.
  • all consignment must be wrapped, packed, and addressed for safe handling
  • any custom duty, any other charges by destination consignee will have to pay as per actual receipt. (As per carrier receipt)


Advantage with SpeedX International Courier

  • Fast Transit time (Express & Economy Option)
  • Doorstep collection included.
  • 100% Free Packaging Assistant.
  • Paper work assistant.
  • Online tracking facility
  • SMS Notifications for all your packet (Including pickup/Transit/Exception & Delivery)
  • Email notification for all status (Including pickup/Transit & Delivery)
  • Dedicated customer support 24×7 & 365 Days.
  • Same day collection – Within 60 minute* (From hyderabad/NCR)
  • Same day connection/Dispatching (Subject to complete paper work)
  • Courier & Cargo Insurance available (on special request of customer*)
  • Premium branded couriers connection.
  • Online payment option with Debit Card, Credit card & Net Banking option.